Relocation Advice

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Have you ever relocated?  Ever picked up and moved all your belongings, stuffed them in a storage unit, and started something new?  In one way I feel like we’ve moved home and in another like we’ve left our security blankets, 3 kids, and our close friends behind.  We waved goodbye to personal friends, professional buddies, neighbors, neighbor’s dogs, my cat’s grave in the back yard (remember “GURL!),  and our growing church family (shout out to all my Providence family). New cultural environments are always interesting whether it’s food differences or personal habits.  I’ve actually found speckled butterbeans in the supermarket which I had not seen since my grandmother grew them in her garden 50 years ago.  Can’t find those in Philadelphia....

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Retirement Update…life goes on….

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Just a few observations about my life after Pfizer.  First of all it’s safe to say that life does go on. I still see about 8 clients during the week but I’m less rushed in everything I do.  I even find myself driving the car slower to get somewhere.  Of course this could have something to do with my aging body and mind and less to do with eliminating my etched in stone schedule of arriving at the gym at 5:30am and at work Monday through Friday at 7:30 am. But who knows for sure?  Days seem to move a little slower.  That’s a good thing, especially during the summer.  In the past it seemed that summer passed so quickly I hardly knew what happened and bam, I’m raking leaves again.  Saturday and Sunday had to be protected and exalted as “my time.” ...

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I’m Thankful When the Government Looks After Me

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Yes I am thankful when the government looks after me.  I know sometimes I can be negative about government intrusion, but I’m going to turn over a new leaf starting today. News cameras spotted our distinguished Mayor of Philadelphia (Nutter Dem.) as he proudly walked the hallowed littered streets of Philly feeling good about the newly passed law requiring restaurants and food establishments to post calories of food for all to see. It warms my soul as well because I’ve always wondered how many calories a Starbucks Vente Caramel Machiato with double cream contained. And thankfully I can also see right away the calories in a Boston Cream Filled Dunkin Doughnut.  No more for me!!  That did it! This along with the new tax proposal to add 25 cents to the...

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“Is this Mr. Creeeecy?

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Whenever our “land line” phone rings at any time of the day, and I answer it, a cheerful voice on the other end greets me with “Is this Mr. Creeecy?”  (they always mispronounce my name) I won’t take the time to phonetically spell all of their machinations and mispronunciations.  As soon as I’m asked this question, my  primary sphincter muscle begins to contract and tighten because I know what follows.  DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION if you receive these solicitation calls.  As soon as you say “yes, who’s calling?” they begin their monologue selling their wares without taking a breath. For some mysterious reason, once I’ve  answered “yes” to “Is this Mr. Creeecy?” I feel like it...

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Love in the Supermarket

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Now that I’m “retired” from my regular day job, I’m on different routines.  For example, I might be at the grocery store during the day instead of on the weekend or at night as was the case today, after returning home from vacation, our cupboards were bear.  I got up later than usual and started to the gym.  Traffic patterns are different at 8 am  vs 5 am.  No joke.  School buses and school mom’s tried to kill me several times with their unexpected starts and stops.  At 5 am, there is no traffic to speak of, so I had the road to myself, but not so at 8am.  The gym is a bee hive at 8am compared to the 10 of us there at 5am. So now, I’m off to the store.  Ok, first lesson, never, never shop at Wegmans on Monday...

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An Evening With Rick

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Christmas 2009 [display_podcast] Transcript (not verbatim) below: What are you telling yourself on Christmas Eve? An evening with Rick Creasy 12/24/2009 Rick: Are there any questions for me tonight? Clint: I have a question. I like Fox News but I’m trying to figure out how can I get more Fox news. I know it comes in on the TV, but is there any other place I can get Fox News? Rick: Yeah, I think Bill O’Reilly has a book out….Fresh…something. You can get it on the internet, do you have internet? Cause you know Al Gore discovered the internet and it’s really begun to take over. So if you have the internet you should check it out Grandma Howard: And what about getting it on the iPOD? Rick: That’s a great question, Grandma! And this is...

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