Thoughts About A Recent Wedding…….

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Like most guys I know, I’ve never really been that excited about going to weddings. Especially now as I get older, most of the weddings we’re invited to are our friend’s children and often times, I’m not that close to the bride and groom. I may not have seen my friend’s children for a number of years. Kathy and I have also recently moved south away from many of our close friends. But we try and attend weddings if we are in town. Recently we attended a wedding of friends we had met several years ago through our sons, Lee and Clint. Kathy and I have maintained a close, mentoring, relationship with the bride and groom. We’ve spent many summer nights on our screened in porch eating, laughing, talking, and yes, praying together. I was excited and looking...

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Another Flying Experience

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I’m on the plane to Dallas today and once again I’m certain they’ve taken another 6 inches out of the seat spacing.  Even short people are cramped.  On what used to be a relatively relaxing 3 hour flight, I need a chiropractor to realign my spine and vertebrae.  I also believe I’m forming a deep vein thrombosis in both legs due to the minimal blood flow to my lower extremities.  I can’t even begin to describe my adventure in the lavatory with  a ceiling that’s 5 feet high.  But those of you who know me realize  I’m 6’4″ tall.  Let your imagination run wild.  Just let me say that the  contortionists in Cirque du Soliel have nothing on me especially when it comes to water  acrobatics. I always try and...

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Disappointment or Anger?

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http://bit.ly/1DQsBL  Check this out by Peggy Noonan.   I think in addition to disappointment the American people are feeling right now, there is a real sense of fear and anger.  Next week there are important elections  (Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey) which present the first real opportunity for the American people to communicate to our POTUS  what we think of his ultra liberal administration and policies since we erred in electing him. In addition to Virginia and New Jersey where the polls show both Republican candidates to be leading, the New York District 23 race pitted a liberal democrat, vs. a liberal republican, vs. a Reagan Conservative.  Today the liberal republican dropped out of the race because she was loosing in the polls.  The...

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Facebook and Twitter–how it’s destroyed my life

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Ok, well I exaggerate, it hasn’t actually “destroyed” my life yet and I’m hoping to soon gain control again, but I admit it, “my name is Rick and I’m a social- networkaholic.”  Can I confess that it has an ugly grip on my time and energy?  Let’s throw blogging in there as well.  I mean look at what I’m doing right this minute.  While I could be listening to Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson read the script for their nightly news broadcast, or while I could be preparing for a lesson I’m teaching Sunday, I’m sitting at my computer pounding away.  For who?  For what?  Is anyone really interested in my occasional diatribes?  I have enjoyed reconnecting with friends that I haven’t seen or...

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It’s Not Working

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Charles Krauthammer recently wrote a great article outlining the foolishness of awarding BO the Nobel Peace prize.  You can check the record, but I’m psychic in characterizing this silliness even before Charles weighed in.  But let’s face it, he’s much more articulate than I am.   But just to review, BO’s apologetic rhetoric has accomplished absolutely nothing.  North Korea has not changed their mind, neither Russia, Iran, the Taliban or Al Queida. What’s come from the new-respect-for-Muslims Cairo speech and the unprecedented pressure on Israel for a total settlement freeze? “The settlement push backfired,” reports The Post, and Arab-Israeli peace prospects have “arguably regressed.” And what’s come...

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So apparently any time we disagree with the administration’s policies we’re called names.  Oh, I’m sure there’s enough name calling on both sides, but we have to be able to disagree with the POTUS without being labeled racists, homophobes, right-wing kooks, and even Nazi’s (Nancy Pelosi called some of the “tea-party” gang Nazi’s).  Eugene Robinson in his latest opinion column in the Washington Post now call those who disagree with  Obama, “rejectionists.” There are those of us who feel like the Nobel Peace Prize is now even more of a joke than before because the left leaning Norwegians and Scandinavians awarded their highest honor to a man who has done absolutely nothing to restore peace.  Sure,...

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