Staying Married, A Politically Incorrect Guide

My parents were divorced when I was five and reunited after being apart for fifteen years. Our experiences in the pain of separation and the healing balm of reconciliation cause me to rejoice over this book. I serve a generation of young men and women whose lives have been wounded by the failure of marriages in America. This attack on God’s primary institution must stop. We must win the battle for marriage now before it is too late. Rick’s insights will help equip you for the fight ahead. This is a must read for anyone who treasures God’s word and is concerned about future generations in our nation. ”

⎯William M. Wilson, President Oral Roberts University, Empowered21; World Impact with Billy Wilson


Rick Creasy writes from a great perspective of a professional, using real life illustrations, and as an encourager cheering on strong relationships. I thought the manuscript was very interesting, helpful, and practical. You had me at the introduction, it is always helpful to identify with someone who has been there, walked through a valley of darkness and didn’t stop halfway through.

I particularly liked the thoughtful questions at the end of the chapters, sort of a “What is my next step?” So many books are full of information and theory with no practical application. I think most people have tons of information downloaded into their minds but need a transformation from the information. Also I was glad you did the section on goals. Too many couples don’t have goals; therefore, they never know where they are headed or far on the journey they have traveled.

⎯Pastor Phil Carnuccio, Pastor Providence Church West Chester, Pennsylvania


In Staying Married, the Politically Incorrect Guide, Rick Creasy appeals to anyone who is married, hopes to marry, or knows someone who is married. He exceeds the expectation of the reader by drawing on empirical authority, scriptural context, personal anecdotal stories, and professional experience as a counselor. Rick’s “gloves-off” approach is both refreshing, and therapeutic.

Marriages fail among godly men and women every day. Every family has somehow been touched by divorce. A basic Christian concept is often at the center of these failure⎯the choice to not forgive.

“The consequences of unforgiveness include misplaced anger, divisive rage, and lingering bitterness. Without forgiveness, we lose the capacity to love one another completely as God desires.” This theme of forgiveness is woven throughout Rick’s book. This, coupled with the concept that “love is a choice we make, not a feeling we have,” are essential details in the DNA of any sustainable relationship. The author challenges the reader to not just forgive as a way to get over hurt, but as a way to live free each day!

Don’t just buy one for yourself. Buy several for those you love. Give them to couples in crisis, and to those who are thriving. No doubt, everyone will have a need for the sage wisdom contained in these pages, at some point along the way.

⎯Joe Cooke, Pastor Hope Church Broken Arrow, OK


Marriage is under fire! Rick does a great job inspiring a biblical world view of marriage with tons of great practical steps. Rick shares personally how these concepts have impacted his life, marriage and kids. The book is progressively written and will build on itself, so it’s helpful not to skip a chapter. As I read each chapter I thought to myself, I am so glad Rick is addressing this issue! This can be a great tool for couples and even small couples groups to work through together.

⎯Karen Uhler LPC, State of Pennsylvania The Peacemaker Center Downingtown, PA


As I read your manuscript, I kept thinking, I want to use this book for so many of my current clients and future clients! It covers so well the real issues that we come across every day. Your personal journey throughout the book makes it stick and keeps it fresh and memorable. Also, knowing you personally, I can hear your voice and personality throughout. I love the Biblical framework you use to firm your points and never sacrifice God’s wisdom for your own. I very much love how each section ends with a “Take Action,” as I sometimes find it challenging to think of good exercises for practicing issues discussed. This book is a blessing for therapists wanting to help with the healing of marriages as well as a practical guide to assist couples get a great start! Please let me know when this is officially published because I want to order a lot of copies. It’s been a honor to read it and give you some feedback

⎯Jody Flecken M.A., LPC Licensed Professional Counselor The Peacemaker Center Downingtown, PA


Staying Married: A Politically Incorrect Guide is a must-read. The spot-on insights will lead to stronger, healthier marriages. This is an invaluable resource packed with questions, assessments, and practical advice. I highly recommend this book.

⎯Jason Vernon, Content Manager The Unstuck Group Jason Vernon, Communications Director Free Chapel Worship Center Gainesville, GA