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Share in Humanity

»Posted by on Feb 1, 2011 in Life, Psychology, Self-Talk, Spiritual | 0 comments

The older I get (maturity yanno), the more people I counsel, with every person I get to know in a deeper, closer way, the more I’m convinced we’re all messed up to one degree or another.  Once you get past the veneers, the facades, the masks, have you ever met anyone who was not wounded in some way by a delusional, angry, mother, abusive father, weird relative, peer, spouse, teacher, pastor, priest, church, or boss?  I haven’t.  But if you’re like me, we tend to look at other people and say, “they have it all together.”  “Why can’t I be like them?” I recently attended a Christian men’s retreat designed to address a man’s shame, anger, loss, guilt, and fear.  The transparency from each man was astonishing and refreshing.  I met...

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Finish Strong

»Posted by on Nov 23, 2009 in Devotion, Life, Psychology, Self-Talk, Spiritual | 7 comments

In 2000 Kathy and I sponsored about 20 youth from our church on a  mission team to Puebla  Mexico which is approximately 40 miles east of Mexico City.  We conducted “vacation bible school” for about 200 or so kids. The “VBS” included a music band, parties, arts, crafts, games, and of course a Bible story.   The team engaged in a service project at the local orphanage school which involved  fun activities for the children in the orphanage  and some grooming and clean up of the property.   The out buildings were somewhat “run- down” and there was a lot of clutter on the play ground.  We mowed, chopped, removed weeds, stumps, bushes, and old sheds from the property.  We repaired swing sets, basketball courts,...

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Growing Pains

»Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in Life, Psychology, Self-Talk, Spiritual | 1 comment

WHEN YOU GET through whatever it is you are going through, you are going to be much better off.  You will have firsthand knowledge of what works for you and what does not.  You will have a new assessment of your strengths and capabilities.  You will have greater insights about the people in your life.  Perhaps you will have trimmed away some fluff, released some unnecessary baggage.  In the midst of a challenge, our eyes are opened, our minds blown to new levels of awareness.  When you get through this, you are going to be something else . . . a better, stronger you! Author Unknown Now, compare and contrast what effect this self-talk would have on your entire emotional “feelings” compared to wallowing in the mire of your difficult...

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Two Jacks

»Posted by on Aug 17, 2009 in Devotion, Life, Psychology, Self-Talk, Spiritual | 0 comments

I first met Jack (not his real name) several months ago.  He had been referred to me because of his struggle with addictions and extreme anger. Practically homeless, he was in his early 50’s yet looked like he was in his late 60’s.  The substance abuse had clearly taken it’s toll in very visible ways.  I didn’t know Jack, I had never met him prior to his visit, but as his story unfolded, I began to connect the dots and realized I did know some of his family members. This was quite a surprise to me and I clearly remember the precise session that I realized my connection to his children. I won’t belabor Jack’s story.  It’s a familiar one for those who struggle with substance abuse.  He was in and out of therapy, attempting to maintain sobriety...

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American Idol

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Check out Kris Allen our new American Idol.

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