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Global Warming Continues to Wreak Havok in Northeast

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Temperatures continued to rise on Tuesday July 21, 2009 to a sweltering 66 degrees Fahrenheit.  There appears to be no end in site as the mercury climbs higher and higher during these hot summer months.  Once again, air conditioners were left sitting idle while windows were thrown open for fresh air to penetrate and fill homes.  The nights bring even more pain and suffering as temps dipped to a chilly 58 degrees on Saturday night.  Residents of the northeast such as New York, Boston, and Philadelphia have been especially hard hit.  Tempers are flaring and there seems to be unrest on the streets and in homes.  We asked local residents of Downingtown PA how they were coping with the severity of global warming in their community. “If my husband drags out...

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Stopped at the Red Light

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Do municipal workers and road engineers ever actually travel the same roads I do? How could they?  One of the most annoying irritants on my daily travel to and from work is going through areas with a series of several traffic lights.  The lights are never programmed to allow traffic to flow freely through.   You know what I mean. You stop at a red light to allow 2 cars to go through, wait for another 2 minutes, the light turns green and you go another 100 yards to find that the traffic light has just turned red which means another time consuming stop. The cycle repeats for the next 5 miles.    This is annoying for several  reasons. It causes delays, congestion, and ties up traffic. What are the city planners thinking about?  Not the...

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Warning: Cow Flatulance May Be Dangerous to Your Health

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Henry Waxman, Democrat from the left coast has new plans for an EPA bill floating through congress.  If you like government running your life, you’ll love all the central planning mandates in this one. Did I mention it’s to prevent global warming? New homes “with slanted roofs,” for instance, will be required to meet a “solar reflectance” standard if they use “fiberglass asphalt-shingle roofing.” We’re not sure what that means either, but we do know that everything in homes will also face new efficiency regulations — including furnaces, laundry machines, dishwashers, “showerheads, faucets, water closets, and urinals,” even (or especially?) jacuzzis. One of the more revealing sections focuses...

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Coldest Winter in Years….for all you global warming alarmists…

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The temperature is actually dropping.  Check out the evidence.  Yet inspite of the evidence, the Obama administration recently disclosed that they are knee deep into “geoengineering” the climate.  John Holdren said one option would be shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere (an artificial volcano) to reflect the sun’s rays away from earth.  Once again, no I couldn’t make this stuff up.  As usual, industrial countries around the globe are falling short on pledging to slash their carbon emissions so the US will be made to finance these wacky ideas on our tax dollars.  Obama recently apologized to Europeans about the arrogance of the American people.  But really, how arrogant is it to think that we can manipulate and...

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