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How Are Your Decision Making Skills?

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Often when talking with “leaders,” husbands, wives, or parents, who are experiencing problems, difficulties, road blocks, resistance, revolts, failures, disappointments, or other catastrophe’s, it often can be traced back to making a poor decision. Some questions to consider:  What is your process for making decisions?  Do you have a process?  How do you decide whether or not to purchase a washer and dryer?  Whirlpool or Maytag, Lexus or Volkswagon?  Are you a leader? Pastor?  Business Owner?  Parent?  Are you aware that decisions have long lasting effects on the future, the flock, our finances, our spouse, children, patrons and a host of other people as a result? Poor decisions and undesirable outcomes are often the result of making decisions...

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Ford F-150 and Testosterone

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Other than the fear and dread I experience when thinking about the dentist prying around in my sensitive mouth with a small pitchfork, the only other comparable pain I try and avoid is buying a car.  Our lease is up on the Highlander and so we’re shopping around to see what deals are out there post the Obama takeover of the auto industry. Aside from the unions breaking their backs, no wonder the car dealers are in trouble.  They create selling prices from a caldron of black magic that no one can understand.  I visited a Ford dealer here in West Chester and I was dismayed to find the lack of professionalism and just good common sense when it comes to the fundamentals of selling cars and trucks.  I was following up on a newspaper ad I had seen announcing a...

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This video is the trailer for a great documentary on the US’s addiction to debt. There’s also a great 30 minute preview on youtube.

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