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Your Healthcare

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Just finished watching George S.  interview Sen. Jim Dement from South Carolina.  Best discussion I’ve seen for a very important issue.  Please take time to view and pass along.  Point:  Everyone agrees we need reform,  not everyone  (even the Democratic majority in Washington) agrees a government takeover is the solution.

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Another King is Dead

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I guess I’ll join in the fray and write about MJ ‘s untimely death. Or is it really so untimely?  How long would one realistically expect to live considering the toxic milieu of opiates and anesthetics allegedly floating in  his blood stream? All this is very familiar for those who where around when Elvis met a similar demise. For those of you still in the womb in 1976 (or was it 1977), not so familiar.  I remember the news reports streaming day and night.  Long lines and throngs of neurotic fans converged in front of  draped ironed gates at Graceland in Memphis.  Constant TV coverage erupted.  I remember reading  at the time that a nurse slipped a note to his physician who was seeing another patient with encrypted abbreviations that read,...

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I’m on Drugs….Again

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Given the vital role of medical products companies and the magnitude of their challenges, one might imagine that this industry would be admired. To some extent, it is. Leading research organizations such as the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease proactively build bridges with industry leaders, solicit advice from industry scientists, and fund projects in industry labs. But this enlightened view of industry is not widespread. This is largely because of the disproportionate influence of a coterie of prominent critics we have previously dubbed “pharmascolds,” who routinely vilify the medical products industry and portray academics working with it as traitors and sellouts. These critics are pious academics, self-righteous medical...

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Are You On Drugs?

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If you are reading this, you’re probably taking some type of prescription medication or have done so at some time in your life.  We Americans love the products the big bad pharmaceutical companies make, but feel less favorable towards the companies themselves because we feel we’re being ripped off by high prices. You think price controls and government regulation is the answer? The truth is, drug companies have been a real engine of innovation. If we destroy their profitability through price controls and government rationing, the costs would be very real. The recent slow-down in the introduction of new blockbuster drugs is in part the delayed result of underinvestment in the 1990s — the last time the political class (read Bill and Hillary) ...

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