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Not sure what to call this….

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If you’ve ever been in doubt about the wacky left,  you must look at this interview on NBC. How can any sane person draw this conclusion about the “tea parties?”   OK more on marriage tomorrow.

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The Iraq War and Bush’s Persistence

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84 percent of the people now say they feel safe in their neighborhoods, according to the latest ABC News/BBC/NHK poll. That’s double what it was two years ago, and 60 percent of people expect things to improve further next year. The report tonight on ABC news was excellent. There has been notable improvement and success in Iraq.  The majority of Iraqis believe democracy is the best form of government.  I wonder if Obama will take credit for this achievement or if he even cares?  It’s been a long struggle and mistakes were made, but the people of Iraq are free.  Democracy costs $$ and blood.  Is democracy worth it?  W was right to persist.

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Keith Olberman spent 15 minutes of precious air time last night ranting and raving about Bill O’Reily and Fox. Worse than 2 sixth graders fighting in the locker room over who cut in the lunch line. Is this really what’s it’s come down to? He could make better use of his time by trying to bring in his White House buds to discuss change we can believe in and why “the annointed one” signed off on a bill containing 8000 earmarks. And please don’t tell me that republicans had 40% of the earmarks. That’s exactly why we need presidential leadership (screw republicans and democrats) to lead the way regardless of party association. Could we elect a leader that would do the right thing for the country? You know, “change we can believe in”. When are we...

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