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Ben Franklin and Neil Young Would Be Proud

»Posted by on Nov 2, 2010 in Politics, Psychology, Spiritual | 0 comments

We drove to the local firehall today just as we’ve done so many times before on this crisp, fall, November morning.  We made our way past the cluttered campaign signs and a few cheery poll workers offering their last minute hand shakes and tired, somewhat forced smiles.  We slowly make our way over to the table marked A-M.  “Creasy, C R E A S Y.” We autographed the small space and moved to the next station.  An elderly man handed us our paper ballot and pointed us in the direction of the small, dimly lit voting booth that reminded me of those that protect the contestants on final Jeopardy from sneaking a peek. I notice a lump in my throat.  What is it?  How does one describe the feeling that only manifests and is only noticeable in the polling place...

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Food Police–Taxes and Regulation

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Salt, sugar, trans-fats, have all been in the news lately as Michelle O leaves her backyard vegetable garden and takes to the mean streets on her crusade against body fat.  In her wake, there’s a deluge of  federal, state, and local law initiatives rising up against obesity.  What I refer to as the “food police” others call progress.  OK, we are probably the fattest developed nation in the world.  We have access to a wide variety of colas, cakes, breads, cookies, candy bars, chips, carbs and sugars limited only by our grocery budget. But never fear, our great protector and omnipotent caretaker, the all knowing, all seeing, government will swoop in and save us all from plaque buildup, strokes, and a wide assortment of heart ailments. How will...

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My Political Framework of Thinking

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Experiences of childhood affects many facets of our adult life. Recently I was thinking about my political beliefs of limited government and my dislike for government expansion with entitlement programs. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood. My parents did not have a lot of money, they never gave me a lot of money, but growing up, I never did without the basics. Sure, I would have liked to have been given additional spending money to purchase more clothes, Beatles albums, ballgame tickets, swimming club memberships, junk food, you get the picture. My parents and grandparents grew a lot of our food in vegetable gardens. We ate them fresh from the garden in the summer, and out of jars and freezer bags in the winter. My grandparents kept the neighborhood...

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Why all the Anger?

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This past week was a tough one for conservative Americans as we witnessed the largest government takeover and expansion since FDR and social security. Congressional representatives from both sides of the isle complained of being victims of hate “crimes,” vandalism, ugly and nasty comments.  Some liberals have accused the right of being racists, bullies, uncaring and hate mongers.  Some on the right have have indulged in name calling (“it’s a baby killer”), “communists,” and so on.  There is a lot of anger in our country today.  We see this on the news programs, hear it on talk radio, and read it on Facebook of all places.  We’ve all heard it before that it’s taboo and an Emily Post  no-no to discuss...

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What Conservatives Believe

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If you’re a political junkie like me, you may already know this, however I think it’s good to periodically conduct a self – check up to make sure we’re still on target.  Conservative values (true conservative values, not just a political party platform) have enduring qualities.  Below is a list of 12 tenants of “faith” for conservatives.  Conduct your own check-up and share with others if you’d like. These are the types of questions and criteria I will consider when deciding who to vote for. Adopted in conference at Sharon, Connecticut, on 11 September 1960. In this time of moral and political crises, it is the responsibility of the youth of America to affirm certain eternal truths.We, as young conservatives,...

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