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Time Will Tell

»Posted by on Aug 11, 2009 in Healthcare Reform, Pharmaceutical Industry, Politics | 0 comments

The current strategy of the Democratic Party leading the nation right now, is to disparage and discount those who have awakened to attend town halls and voice their concern about the massive expansion of government.  We’ll see.  Elections will take place in the near future and then we’ll know whether this anger and concern is ginned up by hateful insurance companies, wacky radio talk show hosts, and executed by robotic puppets (the American people), or rooted in a genuine desire to preserve our American freedoms and choice of health-care.   Blue dog dems, watch out how you vote.  States with middle of the road spineless elected representatives like Arlen Specter from PA, be prepared to look for another profession. I think this article is measured...

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»Posted by on Mar 12, 2009 in Politics | 0 comments

Keith Olberman spent 15 minutes of precious air time last night ranting and raving about Bill O’Reily and Fox. Worse than 2 sixth graders fighting in the locker room over who cut in the lunch line. Is this really what’s it’s come down to? He could make better use of his time by trying to bring in his White House buds to discuss change we can believe in and why “the annointed one” signed off on a bill containing 8000 earmarks. And please don’t tell me that republicans had 40% of the earmarks. That’s exactly why we need presidential leadership (screw republicans and democrats) to lead the way regardless of party association. Could we elect a leader that would do the right thing for the country? You know, “change we can believe in”. When are we...

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