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Million “Man/ Woman” March

»Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in Healthcare Reform, Politics | 3 comments

First of all let me apologize to my “thousands” of loyal followers (ok , both of you) for being gone so long.  But I’m back and now ready to leave again.  So much going on in Obamaland I don’t know where to begin.  As an overall observation, I’m thinking back at how the Community Organizer (AKA, BO) was going to bring peace, love, prosperity and cooperation to all.  He was going to “change the tone” in Washington.  He was going to bring Democrats and Republicans together.  There was to be peace and harmony forever more.  The hatred and racism of the past would be buried forever as we elected our first black President. Oh well.  So much for promises from a politician.  In my short 49 years, (OK, 56 short years),...

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Time Will Tell

»Posted by on Aug 11, 2009 in Healthcare Reform, Pharmaceutical Industry, Politics | 0 comments

The current strategy of the Democratic Party leading the nation right now, is to disparage and discount those who have awakened to attend town halls and voice their concern about the massive expansion of government.  We’ll see.  Elections will take place in the near future and then we’ll know whether this anger and concern is ginned up by hateful insurance companies, wacky radio talk show hosts, and executed by robotic puppets (the American people), or rooted in a genuine desire to preserve our American freedoms and choice of health-care.   Blue dog dems, watch out how you vote.  States with middle of the road spineless elected representatives like Arlen Specter from PA, be prepared to look for another profession. I think this article is measured...

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“Those chickens have come home to roost”

»Posted by on Aug 9, 2009 in Life, Politics, Quotations | 0 comments

To quote a famous preacher and former pastor of BO for 20 years,  “…those chickens have come home to roost.”  This was of course the rationale Jeremiah Wright used for justifying the attack on our NY City twin towers  by Islamic radicals.  Well it looks like those chickens have come home to roost for our community organizer in chief.  BO was short on resume accomplishments (only in the US Senate for 140 days) so his main marquee headline was that of “Community Organizer” back in Chicago (aka agitator, trouble maker, organizing the people to oppose and challenge conventional wisdom or status-quo in government).  Now, BO has helped to organize and unify the Republican Party as no one else seems to have the ability to do.   This...

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Rush is a Nazi

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Must check this out.  Rush is a Nazi Funny, but it’s not surprising that these are the people who elected our first Muslim President.

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