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Share in Humanity

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The older I get (maturity yanno), the more people I counsel, with every person I get to know in a deeper, closer way, the more I’m convinced we’re all messed up to one degree or another.  Once you get past the veneers, the facades, the masks, have you ever met anyone who was not wounded in some way by a delusional, angry, mother, abusive father, weird relative, peer, spouse, teacher, pastor, priest, church, or boss?  I haven’t.  But if you’re like me, we tend to look at other people and say, “they have it all together.”  “Why can’t I be like them?” I recently attended a Christian men’s retreat designed to address a man’s shame, anger, loss, guilt, and fear.  The transparency from each man was astonishing and refreshing.  I met...

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Happy Mother’s Day

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As Mother’s day approaches this weekend, we recognize the vital and formative role mothers have on individual lives.  I’ll throw out the question, where would we be without our mothers?  Now if your mother was warm, welcoming, nurturing, loving, caring, emotionally healthy, and present, this is a no brainer.  If however, your mother was not “present” either physically, emotionally, or otherwise, then it’s a more difficult question to reconcile. Many clients (especially men) seeking help for depression, anger, or personality disorders, often describe their mother as cold, depressed, unavailable, ambivalent, distant, burdened, intimidated, lonely, and often a victim of abuse themselves.  The abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual in nature.  One...

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Christmas Joy

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If you are reading this entry, you’re probably well informed about the meaning of Christmas.  In all likelihood you could recite most of the New Testament Scriptures that reveal the mystery and divinity surrounding the birth of Christ.  As Christians, we’re all aware of the of the significance of Savior, Prince of Peace, Reigning King, coming to earth and beginning life in such a lowly place as a stable for animals.  Through the years, it has become increasingly more difficult to remain focused and intent on keeping Christ at the center of this celebration.  We’re all easily torn away from the core of the birth celebration, by the commercialization that seems to be hoisted upon us each Christmas season. The attack by retailers usually begins now in early...

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Finish Strong

»Posted by on Nov 23, 2009 in Devotion, Life, Psychology, Self-Talk, Spiritual | 7 comments

In 2000 Kathy and I sponsored about 20 youth from our church on a  mission team to Puebla  Mexico which is approximately 40 miles east of Mexico City.  We conducted “vacation bible school” for about 200 or so kids. The “VBS” included a music band, parties, arts, crafts, games, and of course a Bible story.   The team engaged in a service project at the local orphanage school which involved  fun activities for the children in the orphanage  and some grooming and clean up of the property.   The out buildings were somewhat “run- down” and there was a lot of clutter on the play ground.  We mowed, chopped, removed weeds, stumps, bushes, and old sheds from the property.  We repaired swing sets, basketball courts,...

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The Ambivalent Style of Relating

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The second form of insecure relationship is called the ambivalent attachment because it’s a mixture of  desiring love weighed against anger.  This style may develop when the child is unable to receive love and attention on a consistent basis from the caregiver.  The child develops a framework of thinking that then carrys over into adulthood that says; I am not worthy of love.  I am not capable of getting the love I need without being angry and clingy.  Others are capabale of loving me but might not do so because of my flaws.  They might abandon me.  I am poor at getting the love I need and I must please my loved ones or I will be worthless and unlovable.  The ambivalent attachment style often leads to unhealthy dependent relationships on others. ...

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