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Christmas Joy

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If you are reading this entry, you’re probably well informed about the meaning of Christmas.  In all likelihood you could recite most of the New Testament Scriptures that reveal the mystery and divinity surrounding the birth of Christ.  As Christians, we’re all aware of the of the significance of Savior, Prince of Peace, Reigning King, coming to earth and beginning life in such a lowly place as a stable for animals.  Through the years, it has become increasingly more difficult to remain focused and intent on keeping Christ at the center of this celebration.  We’re all easily torn away from the core of the birth celebration, by the commercialization that seems to be hoisted upon us each Christmas season. The attack by retailers usually begins now in early...

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Finish Strong

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In 2000 Kathy and I sponsored about 20 youth from our church on a  mission team to Puebla  Mexico which is approximately 40 miles east of Mexico City.  We conducted “vacation bible school” for about 200 or so kids. The “VBS” included a music band, parties, arts, crafts, games, and of course a Bible story.   The team engaged in a service project at the local orphanage school which involved  fun activities for the children in the orphanage  and some grooming and clean up of the property.   The out buildings were somewhat “run- down” and there was a lot of clutter on the play ground.  We mowed, chopped, removed weeds, stumps, bushes, and old sheds from the property.  We repaired swing sets, basketball courts,...

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The Avoidant Attachment

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When parents (in Bowlby’s experiments this was primarily referring to the mother) are simply not available, physically or emotionally, or is willing but not able to be there (illness, death), or when the caregivers use insenstive, embarrassing, or sarcastic language, injuries to the the child’s ability to attach and form relationships can occur. In the avoidant style of relating, the child learns that he can’t depend on parents for a safe harbor. The child then develops a “survival” style of relating and develops self-talk that goes something like this: I am capable of love, but others are not able to love me.  I am worthy based only on my accomplishments.  I depend on my own self and abilities in order to succeed.  Others are...

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Dreaming of the Hero

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Generally speaking, when we dream about being rescued by  historical or mythical heroes  or perhaps more current heroes within our conscious mind (famous movie stars, political figures) it can be a signal from our unconscious mind that our ego is in need of strength or bolstering during some difficult or challenging life events.   In other words, it can mean that our conscious mind is calling out for assistance in accomplishing some task or act, that it cannot achieve unaided or without drawing on the sources of strength that lie outside our immediate reach.  The resources to successfully achieve the task or solve the problem may often lie within self, or it may be that we need to enlist the help of God or others.   The point is that it’s important to...

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Insanity Defined

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Yoruba Proverb Human beings are creatures of habit.  We do what we know, what is comfortable and what we ‘think” will work.  There are, however, those occasions when “our” way is not “the” way to get us to the goal.  When your way doesn’t work, don’t be disheartened.  You must be willing to try another way.  Don’t be discouraged when someone says, “no.”  Be willing to ask someone else.  Always be willing to start at the bottom.  Being willing does not mean you will stay there.  A closed door does not mean you have been cut off permanently.  It is a challenge, an obstacle, a tool to be used.  The keys to all doors are within you.  If you have faith in yourself, practice and patience will...

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