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Has the NYT’s Lost It?

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Usually the NYTs is left of left in their opinions, views and editorials.  But this front page admission that force might be working better than diplomacy in the Mideast mess would probably make even moderates shake in their army boots.  Look, no one wants war or lives to needlessly be lost, but the use of force and/or the threat of force has it’s place in today’s menacing world of loonies.  These “goodists” that I wrote about  last week need to wake up and realize that we live in an evil world and the US has enemies.  The US has also protected and fought for freedom around the globe.  Even though we get little credit these days because apparently people have short memories of what it costs for freedom to sometimes be wrenched away...

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Carrot Juice

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US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has just finished up talks with the Russian Foreign Minister and failed to get an agreement that would put more pressure on Tehran.  You know, diplomacy, negotiations, talks, carrots for Russia to increase sanctions against Iran because of their nuclear ambitions.  The highest Russian diplomat refused to take a harder stance labeling the actions against Iran “counterproductive.”  Why?  Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said they want to engage in additional diplomacy, negotiations, talks, and carrots for Iran to dispense with their production of nuclear weapons.  Notice that the UN has passed sanctions against Iran for the past 3 years to no avail.  Sound familiar?  Remember Iraq?  Remember the...

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So apparently any time we disagree with the administration’s policies we’re called names.  Oh, I’m sure there’s enough name calling on both sides, but we have to be able to disagree with the POTUS without being labeled racists, homophobes, right-wing kooks, and even Nazi’s (Nancy Pelosi called some of the “tea-party” gang Nazi’s).  Eugene Robinson in his latest opinion column in the Washington Post now call those who disagree with  Obama, “rejectionists.” There are those of us who feel like the Nobel Peace Prize is now even more of a joke than before because the left leaning Norwegians and Scandinavians awarded their highest honor to a man who has done absolutely nothing to restore peace.  Sure,...

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The POTUS Is Not Leading in the Cause of Freedom

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BO promised to transform America’s image in the world.  Well he certainly is.  Even the sissy French government has spoken out with more disdain condemning the attack on human rights in Iran than the “leader of the free world.”  America has always stood with those for freedom and liberty.  I’m not suggesting we start bombing Iran but I believe BO is blowing a great opportunity to use his influence to reorder the middle east.  Why not start with calling for a special summit of middle east leaders to jointly condemn the phony elections and honor the people’s choice?  This is a clear example of why a theocracy in the seat of government does not work.  Remaining silent is not demonstrating neutrality; it is casting a vote for the...

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The Iraq War and Bush’s Persistence

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84 percent of the people now say they feel safe in their neighborhoods, according to the latest ABC News/BBC/NHK poll. That’s double what it was two years ago, and 60 percent of people expect things to improve further next year. The report tonight on ABC news was excellent. There has been notable improvement and success in Iraq.  The majority of Iraqis believe democracy is the best form of government.  I wonder if Obama will take credit for this achievement or if he even cares?  It’s been a long struggle and mistakes were made, but the people of Iraq are free.  Democracy costs $$ and blood.  Is democracy worth it?  W was right to persist.

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