“Those chickens have come home to roost”

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To quote a famous preacher and former pastor of BO for 20 years,  “…those chickens have come home to roost.”  This was of course the rationale Jeremiah Wright used for justifying the attack on our NY City twin towers  by Islamic radicals.  Well it looks like those chickens have come home to roost for our community organizer in chief.  BO was short on resume accomplishments (only in the US Senate for 140 days) so his main marquee headline was that of “Community Organizer” back in Chicago (aka agitator, trouble maker, organizing the people to oppose and challenge conventional wisdom or status-quo in government).  Now, BO has helped to organize and unify the Republican Party as no one else seems to have the ability to do.   This past week, a grass roots effort composed of a wide range of political, social, fiscal  conservatives, and libertarians of all ages,  have unified to say “fooey” to the Pelosi, Reid, socialized medicine health care reform bill.  People are angry and skeptical about the attempt of the Federal Government to run health care.  As I’ve pointed out before on my blog, the majority of people are content with their insurance plan.  But, when the people rise up and attend town hall meetings held by their representative to express their concerns and opposition, they’re accused of being nazi’s and surrogates of the health  insurance companies.  Conservative radio talk show hosts are accused of ginning up and agitating the docile, ignorant, and robotic American People.  Wrong!  We don’t need anyone to remind us that the government can’t even deliver mail correctly and surely can’t determine when and if I need a knee replacement.  The leftist Pelosi and Reid have accused the people voicing their concerns as being motivated by “astro turf”  efforts which are to be contrasted with real “grass roots” reaction. Basically, this gives our elected representatives cover for going against the majority of the people’s wishes by simply brushing them off as “astro turf”  trouble makers instigated by  Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.  Get real.  The American way (which seems to escape the White House) is free speech.  If BO’s healthcare bill is so great, why be afraid to discuss it? Why establish a web site for people to report “fishey” stories that malign the bill? Why try to rush it through congress before the August recess?  Let’s see the bill. Let’s do something some elected representatives haven’t done and actually read the proposals.  There should be nothing to hide.  I think they’re afraid if the American people actually see what’s coming, there will be even stronger reaction to halt the government takeover of our health care.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Ky., told “FOX News Sunday” that it’s not clear who’s organized and who’s not but that Democrats’ efforts to “demonize” the protesters reflect weak spots in the substance of their plan.

“I think attacking citizens in our country for expressing their opinions about an issue of this magnitude may indicate some weakness in their position on the merits,” McConnell said. “And I also think it’s particularly absurd for the Democrats, who have over an $8 million e-mail list over at the DNC called Organize America, to be criticizing citizens for being organized.”

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